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an Infocom Text Adventure.

In SORCERER, second in the ENCHANTER series, the fate of the kingdom is once again in your hands.

You are a gifted Enchanter, whose skillful and cunning use of magic enabled you to defeat the Evil Warlock, Krill. This Victory earned you a place in the elite Circle of Enchanters, where you sit next to your mentor, the great Belboz the Necromancer. During the past several years, you have become one of his favorite pupils, but over the last few days you've perceived certain subtle, sinister changes in his personality.

Now Belboz is vanished, leaving behind only a cryptic diary. You must search for him through mazes and mines and the treacherous mists of time. Only your cleverness and magical abilities can rescue Belboz from whatever evil has befallen him and save the Circle of Enchanters from destruction.

Download the manual here Sorcerer Manual

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